Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Shirt - ASOS // Trousers-Topshop // Converse

Its been a while since I did an outfit post hasn't it? Its the perfect thing to post about when you don't have a lot to say, which I really don't by the way.

I feel like summer is slipping away now, the evenings are already getting darker so much earlier, I haven't been able to cut my grass all week because of the rain, it actually felt a bit Autumnal yesterday and I even found myself humming Christmas tunes too (the Leona Lewis one, if you must know). I feel like I just need one last burst of summer, just for like a week will be fine and then I can move on to Autumn no probs (i'm all about the scarves anyway!)

Last week I went on a crazy decluttering mission, it felt great to get rid of so much stuff. Next I want to start on my kitchen cupboards. I feel like i'm finally getting my shit together. Getting bags packed the night before, checking the weather so I can lie in bed and figure out my outfit for the following day, getting to bed early, reading every night, I've actually been feeling pretty good about life recently.

Im off to Brize on Thursday as Dylan is going to Scotland for 3 weeks with the RAF so me and Fletch are driving up to base and spending a few days up there. We haven't told him yet but we've arranged a sneaky little trip to Legoland - he is gonna pee his pants!

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Sunday, 14 August 2016


Imagine if this was your house and then imagine the following picture was your view
I'm all about family days! Family time is precious for us as Dylan works away for half of the week so any days that we get to spend together are pretty special and we really make the most of them.  Bizarrely Its actually something I really like about Dylan working away because we always really appreciate our time together.

Last weekend was beautiful weather so we thought it would be a great idea to take Fletcher to his favourite park ever in Helston. It is a pretty good park right by a boating lake full of ducks swans and seagulls pretending to be ducks.  So Sunday morning I packed some sandwiches and we set off for Helston.

After Fletcher had exhausted all the park facilities we took a little stroll around the lake and then took a walk to Penrose Estate which is the most beautiful area owned by The National Trust.  We actually went there last Christmas and made wreaths and it was so much fun (I really hope they do that again this year). The views are so pretty and there's just something about being outdoors surrounded by nature that makes me feel so calm and happy.....its the simple things that bring me the most joy.

Once we returned to the lake we stopped off in the cafe and enjoyed a pot of tea in the sunshine and it was  a truly magnificent day. Just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune to have a good time.

I hope you all have a wonderful sunny Sunday.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


My holiday feels like a distant memory now after a week back in the rain!  I am well an truly over this weather now, hello its bloody August and all its done so far is rain for 2 days straight.  

Anyway lets rewind back to 16th July when we went to Gran Canaria...... shall we take a look at my outfit photos? OK then!
Shirt Dress-Topshop//Sandals-Warehouse//Bag-Primark
Playsuit - Newlook//Sandals-Warehouse
Cami-Topshop//Shorts-Rosa Topshop//Hat-ASOS//Bag-Surfdome 

Dress - Boohoo//Sandals-Warehouse//Anklet-ASOS
Dress-ASOS//Wedges-Dorothy Perkins

I hope you have enjoyed taking a little peek at some of my outfits. I love that holidays give you that space to really evaluate things.  I always return from a holiday wanting to change something, do something different or improve on something. This time I wanted to really get Fletcher confident in the swimming pool and am determined to take him swimming every week after he enjoyed the pool so much on holiday.  I also want to eat outside more (fat chance of that happening) we even bought a new BBQ last weekend so its a start! We've also picked up a little habit of drinking Actimel every morning which is something we did every day in Gran Canaria. I also started dreaming of ripping out all my internal doors and replacing them with beautiful crisp white ones and then I had visions of rejigging my bedroom around but hey one thing at a time!  I do want to have a good sort through of Fletcher's toys though and change his bedroom around a bit.

For me, personally from looking at these photos I want to fake tan the crap out of those bloody legs!

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Saturday, 30 July 2016


Well we've been back for a week so I thought maybe its about time I shared some of my photos and memories of our family holiday to Gran Canaria.

We stayed in a gorgeous 5 star design hotel called Seaside Palm Beach in Maspalomas which we booked via Travel Republic.  It was very luxurious (think champagne breakfast every morning!) and the interior design was just so retro I loved every aspect of it.

This was our first time travelling to Gran Canaria and I'm so glad we chose Maspalomas, it's such a beautiful area. The grounds of the hotel were beautiful, there were palm trees everywhere and it was impeccably clean. The food was amazing too.  We kinda started this tradition of having a bottle of Actimel every morning at breakfast and I have continued this since coming home.

On arrival we were sent up to our room and greeted with a bottle of bubbly and strawberries as we had explained that we booked the holiday to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It was such a nice touch and we enjoyed them on our balcony whilst reading our books. Unfortunately on our first night Fletcher came down with the cough from hell.  We were up ALL NIGHT! baring in mind we had been up since 2am the following day.  Its safe to say we were tired. It played havoc with his diabetes and I couldn't fully relax until his blood sugar levels were back to normal.  After a bumpy start things started to settle and I can honestly say that It was such a relaxing holiday.  I came home feeling rejuvinated.  We went to bed early every night, I think I must has slept 9-10 hours every night! I got some much needed vitamin D, I wore factor 50 on my face every day and didn't get sunburnt once! I read a whole book and just felt like I really recharged my batteries. 

Fletcher absolutely loved the pool.  He spent about 5 hours solid in there every day and his swimming and confidence in the water has improved so much.  We've already taken him swimming since we've been home and hope to take him every week throughout the summer holidays.

Where can we go on holiday next.  Its a big birthday for Dylan next July so it would be nice to go away for that.

p.s. holiday outfit photos to follow soon
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I'm currently typing this from the airplane. I've been up since 1:20am I've had about 2 hours sleep and my eyes feel like they are coated in acid. I'm so tired!! But......we are on our way to Gran Canaria so you know, life could be worse. 

Flying is so stressful with a diabetic though. All of Fletchers hand luggage is medicine, needles and infusion kits!! He has to be scanned every time he goes through departures because of his insulin pump and all the excitement of going on holiday does crazy things to his blood sugar levels. But it's all worth it in the end and oh my word has he been excited about this holiday, we all have actually. 

Departures was so slow today that we didn't even have time to do any duty free shopping, I suppose that's a good thing though really, I mean I don't really need another foundation or lipstick, but I deliberately didn't put perfume on this morning so that I could abuse the perfume counter so I'm pretty sad about that. 

Entertaining kids is always fun on a plane too isn't it, thank god for iPads. The lady in the seat in front of Fletch has already asked us if he can stop kicking her chair (my bad). Fletch always struggles with his ears on flights and within 20 minutes of being up in the air he asked if daddy could land the plane now, I don't think he realises that Dylan isn't a pilot and is in fact an aircraft engineer. Oh and I've just paid £2.70 for a disgusting cup of coffee. But then what do you expect, I am flying with RyanAir. One day I will experience the luxury of first class on a Virgin flight, I mean you get your own bed goddamnit, oh what I'd give for a little nap right now. 

Are we nearly there yet?

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Saturday, 9 July 2016


I was recently asked to share what my perfect brunch would look like. I obviously immediately went to the fountain of all inspiration PINTEREST!! I have to be honest it has really got me in the mood for hosting my own brunch so watch this space, I may be hosting my very own brunch soon. 

We're big picnic fans in this house so I would most definitely go down the picnic theme, ideally outside with a nice boho rustic feel with wild flowers/gypsophila/daisies in little jam jars, some soft mellow music in the background (maybe some oldskool Jack Johnson or Norah Jones) blankets and cushions scattered about, bunting and  I simply love the idea of using pallets as little tables. 

The menu would include:

  • Mini cinnamon rolls 
  • Granola with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit
  • Scones with jam and clotted cream (I am Cornish after all)
  • Mini pancakes on sticks 
  • Strawberries 
  • A mimosa bar with a choice of juices and fresh fruit 
My invitations would have the same wild and free, picnic, boho vibe. Paperless Post do a rather grand selection of online invitations which you can customise and send to your friends. 

Most importantly I would bring a huge amount of fun!

I think brunch is such a nice idea as a little get together with the girls.  I don't go out often and actually prefer to meet up with the girls in a nice relaxed atmosphere and whats more relaxing than sitting outside on blankets and cushions in the sun in the comfort of yours or your friends home.

I hope this has inspired you to get your friends together for a morning of mimosas and giggles, its definitely has me. Now we just need summer to come back.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


The other week we took a little drive down to somewhere i've never been before...........Porthcurnick beach.  I woke that morning with the idea of having lunch on the beach so quickly went to the place where I go for everything (GOOGLE) and googled beach cafes in Cornwall.  Now, living in Cornwall means we have quite a good little selection of beach cafes, most of which I have already frequented, I mean i've lost count how many times i've been to Gylly Cafe so I wanted to try something new and I came across The Hidden Hut.  

Its short its a beach cafe on a cliffs edge overlooking Porthcurnick beach, its cute, rustic and had the most amazing selection of fresh cakes.  Everything is cooked on an outdoor makeshift kitchen and its all kept very simple. It really is a lovely little unique place to eat and the red pepper houmous was delicious. I would love to go back to one of their evening events some day.

After our spot of lunch made our way down to the beach where we made sandcastles and I stood at the waters edge for quite some time just listening to the waves breaking.  On our way back to the car a bride and groom pulled up in a VW wedding van, it was beautiful and made me wish I had one at our wedding (10 years ago!).

I love exploring this little place I call home.  Cornwall really is the best!

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