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I met up with one of my dear friends on Thursday morning. We decided to go to Slice of Cornwall which is the cutest little tea room in Wendron. And the best part of all was that we were the only ones there for the most part.

The tearoom is set in beautiful woodland. It was a foggy morning which created the most gorgeous backdrop. I will definitely be returning in the spring to check out the garden and woodland walks around the area.

I went for the courgette cake purely because the waitress muttered the words "lemon curd" and I was sold on it from that moment on. Also I've been meaning to try courgette cake so i'm glad i've ticked that off my list. It didn't disappoint either, it was seriously delicious and I demolished my slice pretty quickly. We both went for the Mayan Gold Hot Chocolates which have honeycomb on top of them and basically just taste like a Crunchy bar............AMAZING! Of course I had cream and a gigantic marshmallow on top of mine too.

Now i'm just trying to find another excuse to go back there for lunch.

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What a hectic week i've had in work! So happy that I only work part time, i don't think I could work full time ever again now. I love having a 4 day weekend, I can get so much done.

A typical Thursday involves getting up, getting a load of washing in the machine, unloading the dishwasher, getting Fletch to school. Then its time for coffee before getting stuck into my chores

  1. Clean the bathroom
  2. Throw a ton of bleach and Zoflora around the kitchen
  3. Dust everywhere
  4. Hoover everywhere
  5. Steam the hard floors
  6. Pick up the dog mess (the worst job in the world)

Then I usually have a spot of lunch, walk the dog and come back and enjoy how clean my house looks for 5 minutes before picking up Fletcher and letting him mess it all up again haha!

I've also been starting my day off with Seven Seas Perfect 7 which I was sent to review recently and let me tell ya, they couldn't have come at a more perfect time. My energy levels are always flagging in the winter as well as having a dull complexion and weak brittle nails and don't even get me started on my hormones.....they went absolutely crazy last month which I think contributed to my anxiety too.

Perfect 7 is a duo pack which contains 2 different kinds of tablets. You take one of each every day with water and they are scientifically shown to support

  • Skin & Nails
  • Hair
  • Energy
  • Brain
  • Vision
  • Heart
  • Hormonal Activity
They are full of essential vitamins specifically targeted for women health.  I've only been taking them for a week and I can already see an increase in my energy levels and mood.  I also love that they contain biotin which I had previously taken as a vitamin alone and found that it really helped my hair to look healthy, so i'm excited for a healthy barnet again.  Im going to continue taking the 30 day supply.....i'll be looking amazing come January 1st and lets face it anything anti-aging is worth a shot :-)

Keep Smiling


Top - New Look (old) //Jeggings-Primark//Boots - New Look (very old similar here)

I had my works Christmas do tonight (Tuesday). It was a lovely quiet affair with just 7 of us and it was actually just perfect. I liked the fact that I actually got to speak to everyone because it was such a small group. I find it much easier in small crowds, I can find it a bit intimidating when there are a lot of people so it really was just the right amount of people.

We went to the Victoria Inn in Threemilestone.  They do the best carvery, in fact I am yet to have a bad meal at The Vic, they just know what they are doing. I am now at home absolutely full to the brim feeling like a total bloater pants! But hey its Christmas, the one month when you can eat like a pig because calories don't count in December (and I did lose nearly a stone last month through stress and anxiety!)

Anyway it was nice to go out on a school night, wear something sparkly and some leopard print heels. It was nice to break the week up.

Keep Smiling