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Im absolutely loving the dungaree trend, in fact i've loved it for a good couple of years now ever since I bought my first trusty pair of short dungarees from Topshop. I was so tempted at the time to buy the full length version but I thought I would look like a 7 year old child so left them on the rack. If I had known how difficult it would be to find a pair 2 years later I definitely would have bought them back then.

After perusing H&M and typing in "dungarees" into the search field I found the perfect pair.....or so I thought - they were children's, I was gutted!  But after looking into it a bit further I thought I would just check out the actual sizing for the children's clothing.  Im quite petite at 5ft 3ish and generally a size 8. And would you believe that age 13-14 is exactly the same sizing as petite size 8.  So I ordered them thinking they would probably look a bit crap but oh no, they couldn't have been more perfect if they tried.

So now all my dungaree dreams have come true, I do however want them in black and a lighter denim now though so let the dungaree search continue. I should probably also mention that the breton top i'm wearing in this picture is also from he children's range in Boden haha! Have you ever bought children's clothing?

Keep Smiling


 Fletcher started school last September and whilst I was most definitely not that mother crying at the gate (no offence if that's you) I have to admit at first it felt extremely odd leaving my child in a room full of other 4 year olds, most of which he had never even met before and then putting your trust in a teacher to look after him along with 25 other children and also trust them to understand how to check his blood, calculate how much insulin to give him and then make sure he gets the correct dose of insulin blah blah blah.

Thankfully over the last 7 months the teachers and teaching staff at Fletcher's school have all been absolutely wonderful and I can't fault them.  Knowing that he is in safe hands at school makes me much more comfortable leaving him there and I can't express how nice it is to have Thursday's and Friday's to do my own thing or if Dylan is home we try and go out for the day. It really is almost as if you get a little bit of your old life back, just a little glimpse of it, but its just enough because as much as I loved life when it was just me and Dyl, I love it so much more as a family. 

It also means that I can get all my cleaning done in peace, I can paint rooms in record time, declutter all day long and hit the shops without having to pretend the child running around the store screaming doesn't belong to me! You'd think with all this spare time I would blog more wouldn't you?
Anyway over the last couple of weeks whilst Fletch has been in school Dylan and I have been making the most of our free time and we've been going out on his bike exploring Cornwall and what it has to offer.  You can't beat being on the back of a motorbike the wind in your hair and as a passenger you really get to take in all the scenery, oh and the free parking is also an added bonus. We went to St Ives a couple of weeks ago and stopped off for tea and cake at Porthmeor Cafe, it was an absolutely glorious day. And just last week we rode to Padstow and stopped off at the Cherry Tree cafe again for tea and cake. Were hoping the weather is good this Thursday so that we can go out again. Its definitely keeping our relationship fresh and exciting, something which I really think is important as I have spent almost half of my life with Dylan and 10 years being married to him.

So yeah, this is kind of a little catch up/chatty post on how things are in my life at the moment.  I think age 5 Fletch is my favourite so far. He is so independent now, he has a brilliant personality, loves being outdoors just as much as we do and we get to have a teeny tiny glimpse of our old lives for a couple of hours a week whilst he's at school and then get to have fun family days out at the weekend.....best of both worlds and I don't feel guilty for enjoying it.

Keep Smiling


What a scorcher of a weekend hey! I was lucky enough to also enjoy the beautiful weather on Thursday and Friday as I have those days off work anyway and as an added bonus hubby also had those days off too so we REALLY made the most of the weather and went off exploring. 

On Thursday we spent the day at The Lost Garden's of Heligan which I highly recommend if you're ever visiting Cornwall (i'd recommend this over the Eden Project if i'm being totally honest). The weather was forecast to be a bit grey but we decided to go for it anyway and i'm so glad we did because it turned out to be such a beautiful day. We took sarnies with us and Fletcher thoroughly enjoyed the easter piggie trail and all the Easter crafts.......we made finger puppets, a head crown and planted a runner bean seed which we took home with us. He then had a little play in the play area whilst Dylan and I put our feet up for a bit.

My favourite part was the jungle, it's like a tropical paradise and you forget you're in the UK and you can walk across the rope bridge which is very "I'm A Celebrity". We then went on a little walk around the outside of Heligan House and it was so quiet and peaceful, it was like we were the only people in the world, it was magical. We literally stayed there until it closed at 5:30pm, it was one of those days that you just don't want to end.

What I'm wearing 
Top - Brora
Jeans - Hollister
Sunglasses - Rayban Erika 
Jacket - Topshop (old)
Bag - Newlook (old)
What I'm wearing 
T Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Gap
Jacket - Topshop (old)

On Friday we woke to more sunshine and after a quick trip to the library and then seeing my Mother in Law for her birthday we headed to Mylor Bridge and went on the most gorgeous walk EVER, not even kidding (details here). The walk took us all the way along Mylor Creek and it had the most glorious views. It was absolutely stunning. There's something about being close to the sea that makes me so incredibly happy, I think the sunshine definitely helped but I really do love just being outdoors and i'm a sucker for a great view. After our 3 mile walk we got back in the car and drove 3 miles down the road into Falmouth and enjoyed Fish & Chips in Harbour Lights Restaurant (which also has lovely views of the sea too) the perfect end to a perfect day.

Saturday & Sunday then involved a mixture of chores/kids party/football/BBQ/Ant & Dec/having a lie-in/Baby Shower/buying paint/fresh sheets/washing my hair.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends in the sunshine. Lets hope the good weather sticks around

Keep Smiling